Custom Thread Grinding

what we do


For 35 plus years we have manufactured worm gears, lead screws, nuts; the list can go on and on. We proudly serve the Aerospace industry maintaining the utmost quality and precision. Stub Acme, Screw threads metric/standard you name it, we do it all.


We can produce any lead to accommodate any shrink rate you might need. We inspect plastic parts that might have problems to help our customer work though them and have helped many customers with their shrink and molding needs. We commonly do collapsible cores, slide inserts, cavities, splits, unwind cores, actuating nuts to mate unwind cores, hand loads and much more.


Here at Custom Thread Grinding, Inc. we have worked with the medical industry producing precision thread grinding for luer threads, bone screws/ taps and much more. With our CNC grinders we can produce any lead, and form, any number of starts, and tolerances down to .0002” are no problem.

ALways Ready

We offer personalized services in thread grinding to help you get started on a new project or idea. What ever you can imagine we can create!

Persistant Follow through

We follow you through the delivery of your order to ensure your customers satisfaction. We take pride in your success.

Industries Best

Combining over 50 years of thread grinding experience with a “can do” philosophy gives the employees at Custom Thread Grinding the motivation to give their best to every job.


We specialize in addressing the unique needs of the plastics and aerospace industries through our imaginative and aggressive approach to thread grinding.

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