Our Services

Here at Custom Thread grinding we can do it all!

I.D. Threads

With our CNC I.D. Thread Grinder we have opened up a new era in thread grinding. We can compensate any shrink problems you may face: Lead, face, taper of out of round. At Custom Thread Grinding we can meet all you I.D. Thread Grinding needs: Mold Cavities, slides, lead nuts for unwind cores or nuts for aerospace. We also can grind all medical threads to meet your needs. With a swing of 20 inches we can grind threads from a 1/4 diameter up to 18 inches depending on swing and length of thread.

O.D. Threads

At Custom Thread Grinding we can meet all your O.D. thread grinding needs.
With a swing of 12 inches and continious thread of 36 inches and 48 inches between centers, within these parameters your in command. Any Lead, any thread form, as many starts as you want. Tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

Any Thread Form

We grind all the standard thread forms and can make any customization to adjust any angle, to compensate for shrink, or add little more strength. We also can generate radius thread forms or add a radius to your thread form. You design it we will grind it.

Any Lead

We can generate any lead with our CNC thread grinders if you need to add schrink or just need a special lead we can do it.

Multiple Starts

Multiple start worms, lead screws or molds we can make as many as you need.


With our 4 axis EDM sinker we can burn those impossible to grind threads, small threads, long threads with high helix angles or interrupted threads and threads with flats.


We can make your electrodes, poco or copper, give us your steel dimensions or thread or just call us and we will do the rest. Calculate shrink and spark gap.
We utilize the 3R 20MM shanks or we can work from square stock or your specifications.